Nicole Sperl

Growing up in Tosa and playing since she was 6, Coach Sperl knows the importance of youth soccer. “Youth soccer is important because it indirectly teaches players many valuable life lessons. They are a part of a team, and each player brings something different to the team. To be a successful team, each player has to respect the other and learn how to play together. At a young age, they are held accountable and learn strong work ethics.”

Coach Sperl Facts

  • Has coached for nearly a decade for Elm Grove, the Bavarians and Milwaukee Sport Club
  • Most memorable soccer moment is scoring the game-winning goal against Ohio State in her senior year at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Describes her coaching philosophy as “Giving the player the tools they need to be independent and creative. Stimulate the players to try something new and be confident in their decision”
  • Favorite soccer player of all time is Thomas Mueller