As we inch ever closer to the 2020/2021 season, it’s difficult to believe our organization is about to enter its sixth decade of existence. And while it’s exciting to look forward to the countless bright days this Club has in its future, it’s important to pay homage to those who came before us and laid the strong foundation we currently build upon.

As a tip of the cap to our Tosa Kickers founders, we are bringing back the “Tosa Kicks” (girls) and “Tosa Villagers” (boys) names for our select teams beginning with 2020 spring season. These names go all the way back to Laura and Jim Moynihan and Aleks and Helga Nikolic who helped found the Club in the mid 70s. To accompany this name change, we also developed new badges for the respective teams that marry the old brand to a new look. To see these new badges and get more information on the history of these names, visit the select teams page here.

In the coming weeks and months, merchandise featuring these new names and badges will be for sale. We’ll be sure to alert you to when this new gear is available.