Club History


Soccer in Milwaukee

As soccer’s popularity in America exploded in the 1960s, the game found fertile breeding ground in the Milwaukee area. To encourage greater participation in the game and provide an organized structure to local players, the Milwaukee Kickers Soccer Club (MKSC) formed on the city’s south side.


Tosa Kickers is born

From its earliest days, Tosa Kickers Soccer Club enjoyed tremendous success. Fueled by Tosa residents and MKSC founders, Aleks and Helga Nikolic, and Wisconsin soccer legends Jim and Laura Moynihan, Tosa produced some of the finest players in Wisconsin soccer history. Players migrated to Tosa to play for the Nikolics’ Tosa Villagers teams or the Moynihans’ Tosa Kicks teams.

Early Days

success leads to growth

MKSC quickly became the largest soccer club in Wisconsin and began organizing itself in the regional model that still exists today. It was in this model that Tosa Kickers Soccer Club was born in 1976, combining a community volunteer spirit with professional soccer expertise.


and tomorrow

Wauwatosa soon became the largest region within MKSC and remains so to this day, with more than 1,400 players in its ranks and one of the largest player pools in the state of Wisconsin. The immense popularity of the game and the dedication of our outstanding volunteers has allowed us to provide a fun, supportive and competitive environment for tens of thousands of kids over the past 40+ years.