Coaching Instructors

Our team of talented coaching instructors has one goal: train and mentor our dedicated volunteer coaches so that our players develop to their full, competitive potential.

Each of these coaching instructors has thousands of hours of playing and coaching experience, from high school to college and beyond.

Coach Deutsch describes his coaching philosophy as “At the younger levels soccer practice and games should be super fun. The players should be learning soccer without even knowing it."

Coach Gulrajani believes Tosa Kickers is the “perfect environment to help develop youth players both from a technical and tactical standpoint.”

Coach Sanger describes his coaching philosophy as: “Players get better by playing soccer and that my job as a coach is to foster an environment of active problem solving and teamwork.”

Tosa native and proud ex-Tosa Kicker, Coach Harrington has been a professional soccer coach for nearly 30 years, with vast experience at the club, high school and collegiate level.

Coach Taylor describes her coaching philosophy as: “I strive to build a team of players who respect each other, support each other and challenge each other. I believe in demanding the best from your players by being honest."