Calvin Deutsch

A passionate advocate for the game, Coach Deutsch describes his coaching philosophy as “At the younger levels soccer practice and games should be super fun. The players should be learning soccer without even knowing it, and we should be disguising soccer development in the form of fun games. As the players get older, I believe they should understand the dynamics of the team and how the team is more important than themselves. This translates nicely into the idea that competitive youth sports is really just a tool to help players develop character traits that they will use in the rest of their life.”

Coach Deutsch Facts

  • Has coached for nearly two decades for the following programs: Tosa Kickers, Marquette University Men’s team, US Youth Soccer Region II in Boca Raton, Florida
  • 1 of 48 Board Certified Sports Clinical Specialists in Wisconsin
  • Grew up playing within the MKSC Nationals and played in the Olympic Development Program at the State level
  • Favorite soccer player of all time is Thiery Henry