Canceling or Rescheduling a Game

Steps for Canceling and Rescheduling a Game

Only applies at the U6 and U7 Levels

Cancellation of U6 sessions on a Saturday

The U6 program is a unique program of the Tosa Kickers. U6 Sessions will be canceled via the “hotline” (727-0205 – mailbox #1) on Saturday mornings or through phone calls to teams; the Staff Coach – Tim Winn, will reschedule any canceled U6 sessions. There is a definite tendency to be a little more careful when it comes to deciding if the weather is too harsh for the 5 and 6 yr. Olds.

Tosa Kickers Canceling a Game

If the weather is severe enough or if there has been a lot of rain before the weekend, the Tosa Kickers will cancel games either at all the fields in Tosa or specific fields within Tosa. This message will be on the “HOTLINE” @ 727-0205 – MAILBOX #1.

Teams Canceling a Game on Their Own (U7 only)!

If the Tosa Kickers do not cancel a game, it would be ok for two teams (this is only ok at the U7 because this level does not use certified referees!) to cancel the game on their own, as long as they both agree on the cancellation – home team must contact Tim Winn that this game has been canceled. Make sure that both managers are contacted and players from both teams. The net person for the field must also be called!

How to Reschedule a U7 Game

It is the responsibility of the home team to coordinate the rescheduling of the game. Both teams need to agree on a date for the rescheduled match. The preferred choice for a game is the weekend – thus, practices aren’t interrupted during the week. Play twice on one day if necessary.

Call or email Tim Winn ( or 414-520-5508) for the field/date/time at which you would like to play. Tim Winn will confirm whether or not the time selected for the new game will work on the field chosen. After confirmation from Tim Winn for the field (this will most likely be done via email) – re-confirm with your opponent, players, coaches and managers. The home team will need to contact the net person for the field and let them know that nets will be needed on that particular date.

Possible legitimate reasons for canceling a match:

  • Weather
  • Soccer Tournament conflicts. This still needs to be done with appropriate notice.
  • State Cup competition.
  • Religious observance, however, should have been blocked out in advance!
  • Nuclear War
  • Famine/Flood

Unacceptable reasons for canceling:

  • The coach can’t be at the game. Find a parent to fill in for you!
  • We won’t have any subs, we’re short players. So what! The other players get to play more.
  • Packer game. You’ve got to be kidding!
  • Bottom line to everyone is this: The canceling and rescheduling of games is possibly the biggest headache for this Club. Please do not change a game unless it is necessary.