Where Does My Money Go?


Our members sometimes ask, "Where does my money go?" Here we answer that question without getting lost in the details. Below is a graphic representation of the expense allocations for Tosa Kickers Soccer Club during the 2018-2019 fiscal year. Compare that to the pie chart from the 1979-1980 fiscal year for Milwaukee Kickers Soccer Club.

In our last fiscal year, more than 25% of Tosa Kickers' annual expenses were devoted to coaching instruction and coaching reimbursements.  This is a direct investment in our players and coaches.  Nearly another 1/4 of our annual spend was for tournaments, registrations and uniforms, ensuring that our kids have quality playing opportunities throughout the season.  Volunteer reimbursements represent some 13% of expenses, which is money well spent on the people who make this Club work.  Professional and service fees round out the list at 13% of expenses.

These figures compare favorably to MKSC's expenses from 40 years ago. While Tosa's spend on fields, equipment and referees is predictably less than MKSC's expense, a far greater percentage of your money is invested where you want it most: players, coaches and playing opportunities.  As we look to improve these numbers even more in the future, it is worth reflecting on the value of our volunteers and the importance of our access to inexpensive field space.

1979-80 Expenses


2018-19 Expenses